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Alcohol Detox Long Island

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Alcohol Detox Long Island

If you’re addicted to alcohol, you cannot quit through sheer willpower. At Legacy Healing Center, we invite you to our alcohol detox in Long Island for effective and fruitful recovery. It’s the only way to combat withdrawal effectively and build the foundation for consistent recovery fast.

How does alcohol detox function?

Long Island alcohol detox refers to managing alcohol withdrawal via medication and therapy. The detoxification process relies on targeted medication strategies to help you overcome withdrawal and prevent short-term relapse. To ensure that the detoxification procedure is effective and delivers long-lasting results, our professionals will conduct a thorough clinical assessment prior to rehab.

During the assessment stage, they will collect data about your medical history, current clinical status, substance abuse disorder, co-occurring issues, withdrawal symptoms, etc. With this information in hand, they will then lay out a customized plan for detox from alcohol, involving medication, therapy, and counseling. The goals of the detoxification stage include:

  • Cleansing the body of toxins
  • Restoring the healthy functioning of the opioid receptors in the brain
  • Allowing you to regain control over your mental and emotional functions
  • Resetting the addicted brain
  • Allowing you to control your cravings more efficiently
  • Minimizing the impact of withdrawal
  • Preventing short-term relapse

Does detox cure alcoholism?

Alcoholism is a chronic disorder, just like any other substance addiction, which means it has no medical cure. The procedure for detox on Long Island aims to restore your physical, mental, and emotional balance and prepare you for the next stages of rehab. We never use detox as a standalone rehab procedure, since that’s not its main purpose.

Although alcoholism has no cure in conventional medical terms, you can recover fully and live a healthy, fulfilling, alcohol-free life. It all comes down to completing the rehabilitation program under the supervision of our team of rehab experts. We combine alcohol detox with medication dual-diagnosis treatment, therapy, counseling, and other recovery programs to help you achieve sustained sobriety over the years.

How to overcome alcoholism?

If you want to quit drinking for good, there are several steps to follow:

  • Acknowledge your problem – It’s often the most difficult step to make, which is why there are way more active alcohol addicts than recovered ones.
  • Join an alcohol rehab program – The truth is that you cannot quit drinking on your own, especially if you’re dealing with severe alcohol addiction. You need to join a professional rehab program to attain sustainable sobriety and prevent relapse long-term.
  • Stay true to your goals – The rehab process may not be easy, and you will feel, at times, the urge to quit. Visualizing your goals at all times will help you remain focused, determined, and unbreakable.

If you need professional drug and alcohol detoxification, contact our team at Legacy Healing Center. We offer alcohol detox in Long Island in a serene and peaceful environment where you can focus on healing and recovery. Call 1-888-534-2295 and check your insurance options and benefits. Our counselors are ready to take your case today.

Alcohol Detox Long Island