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Christian Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

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The path to recovery would not be possible without hope, determination, and faith. Pacific Hills Treatment Centers invites you to our leading Christian dual-diagnosis treatment center, for comprehensive rehab and the opportunity to discover who you truly are.

The truth about addiction self-help

The truth is that you cannot rely on your willpower alone to break free from addiction. If you have developed a form of addiction, you have fallen victim to your own impulses. Addiction manifests itself through compulsive behavior, and it is potentially lethal and chronic in nature. Without professional assistance, you will relapse each time when you attempt quitting cold turkey, and your situation will aggravate fast.

It’s time to set aside your doubts, shame, and fears, and join our rehab program as soon as possible. We offer some of the industry’s leading medical programs, along with high-end therapies and psychiatric assistance, all part of a Christian rehab system that will change your life around.

Does addiction cause depression?

In some cases, substance addiction will directly cause depression, while in others, it will worsen it. Most long-term addicts display signs of co-occurring disorders like PTSD, OCD, bipolar disorder, anxiety, or depression, which will interfere with their ability to recover and remain sober long-term. Many rehab professionals have difficulties diagnosing their co-occurring diseases, due to the complexity of the symptoms, which are often similar to those of addiction.

At our Christian dual-diagnosis treatment center, we offer comprehensive diagnosing, screening, and treatment for a wide range of co-occurring disorders. We believe in holistic recovery, as we address spiritual problems with the same professionalism we do for treating physical and mental illnesses. During our Christian-based rehab treatment, you will be able to fight off your depression and embrace life’s joys by reconnecting with the Christian values that govern the universe itself.

How is dual-diagnosis treated?

If you struggle with co-occurring disorders, you need professional assistance more than anyone and fast. Conditions like PTSD, bipolar disorder, or depression will aggravate your mental status and worsen your addiction with time. They will also prevent you from fully recovering and remaining sober in the future.

We address co-occurring disorders through a variety of therapies and procedures like:

EMDR – The Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy is the ideal procedure for dealing with past traumatic events that have left their mark on you. It will allow you to heal, forgive, and forget on your way towards self-improvement and spiritual growth.

Bio-sound therapy – It is a procedure that relies on healing sounds, including music, designed to calm your mind and provide comfort and relaxation.

Neurofeedback – This is an innovative form of therapy which will rewire your brain’s natural functioning. Its true potential is still undiscovered, but what we do know is enough to keep us excited for the future of mental and emotional recovery.

If you wish to know more about our Christian dual-diagnosis treatment center, contact us today, at Pacific Hills Treatment Centers! Put your faith in the Lord, and you will achieve salvation!

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