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Faith Based Drug Treatment Centers

Article provided by: Utah Christian Drug Rehab Centers

At Pacific Hills Treatment Centers, we believe that everyone has a chance to recover from addiction and rebuild their lives from scratch. Our faith-based drug treatment centers operate based on this belief and have served as a refuge and healing homes for countless lost souls over the years.

Is drug addiction treatable?

Yes, drug addiction is treatable, including in advanced stages. The problem is that the more severe your condition is, the more difficult, complex, and long-lasting the treatment will be. To avoid further complications and defeat the disease with ease, we advise you to contact our team before it advances any further!

Due to the nature of the disorder, the treatment we’re offering relies on a multilateral approach that combines clinical procedures with psychiatric and psychological assistance. The entire system functions based on the Christian philosophy, promoting faith as the foundation of any healthy, fulfilling, and honorable lifestyle.

What does a drug assessment consist of?

During the preliminary analysis, our clinician will assess your medical condition, as well as the specifics of the addiction, clinical history, symptoms, etc. The goal is to use your clinical profile as the foundation for the rehab strategy, which will greatly increase the effectiveness of the treatment. During the preliminary assessment, the clinician will determine:

  • The presence and symptoms of any co-occurring disorders like depression, PTSD, anxiety, etc.
  • The substance you’re using and the time you’ve been using it for
  • The severity of the addiction
  • The symptoms and the intensity of the withdrawal
  • The family relationships and environment
  • The patient’s mental and emotional status, etc.

We collect as much data about you as possible, as it will allow us to understand what you need. Our experts will use the data gathered during the screening process to build a personalized treatment which will help you regain your mental stability and remain sober long-term.

The cure for addiction

There is a cure for addiction, but not a clinical one. Since substance addiction is a chronic disease, the relapse will always remain a risk, even after completing the rehab. Some people relapse years after the treatment, negating all the progress they have made up to that point. We can’t allow that.

We believe that the true cure to addiction begins with changing your mindset, moral values, and lifestyle as a whole. We consider the rehab treatment to be more of a personal journey; one meant to reshape your goals and your understanding of life, happiness, family, and purpose. And we are here to guide you.

The power of faith

Those who have fallen victim to addiction are the victims of both unfortunate circumstances, as well as their natural human frailties. At our faith-based drug treatment centers, we teach people how to retake what is theirs. Here, you will learn how to fight for your happiness and change your entire world with the power of faith.

Contact our team, at Pacific Hills Treatment Centers, and make an appointment for urgent clinical assessment! With faith in God, a fearless heart, and a healthy mind, no obstacles can stand before you and your freedom.

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