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Heroin treatment Arizona

Article provided by: Scottsdale Recovery Center

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), has shown that approximately 80% of heroin addicts have reported abusing prescription opioids before heroin taking over. However, only 4% of them have switched to heroin specifically because of abusing prescription painkillers. In the rest of the cases, other factors were at hand. At Scottsdale Recovery we take all these factors into account when investigating not only what caused addiction, but also the measures to be taken to cure it.

Facilities dealing with heroin treatment in Arizona have developed a large array of methods and scientific approaches to deal with the matter in a professional and decisive way. The goal here is not only to heal the patient’s body and mind, but also restore his confidence, his optimism and his relationships with the loved ones and with the people he cares for.

For that, there are some treatment methods any respectable rehabilitation institution should abide by, divided into three major sections:

1. Medical assistance

The first and most important thing, when it comes to heroin addiction, is to use medication like naltrexone, buprenorphine or methadone to control the withdrawal symptoms and assist the patient to overcome the physical and mental side-effects associated with it, which can last for days and even weeks in a row. Medication is sometimes necessary throughout the entire duration of the program. Another important aspect is the dual diagnosis treatment, which requires treating both the physical and psychological addiction and the potential mental disorders the patient may present.

 2. Holistic activities

Heroin treatment in Arizona, especially in the top-tier institutions, also includes recreative activities, meant to mend both the flesh and the soul. Here we include things like guided meditation, recovery-based yoga, equitation and pet therapy, music sessions, as well as camping-like activities involving hiking or swimming. All of these are meant to cleanse the mind of addiction and help the patient remember what it was like when pleasure came by natural means.

 3. Psychological support

At this stage, what matters most is for the addict to return to his former self, gain more confidence in his ability to overcome the problem and prepare his or her return in the middle of the society. The latest studies have shown that around 85% of those going through rehabilitation programs, no matter the substance they are abusing, will resume their damaging habits within the first year of “graduating” the program. Also, almost a quarter of them relapse even before finishing the program. In this context, the psychological support is crucial in keeping the addict focus on his or her goals.

At the moment, there is no study to show the success rate of any heroin treatment in Arizona or anywhere else. What we do know, however, is that approximately 90% of those in need for drug rehabilitation don’t receive the support. This goes to show that the situation is more desperate that it may seem at first glance.

We, at Scottsdale Recovery, hope to improve those numbers by coming up with some of the most potent and efficient treatments on the market. Because ruining your life for a few sessions of artificial, deceptive pleasure is not worth it.

Heroin treatment Arizona
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