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Article provided by: Scottsdale Recovery Center

Scottsdale Recovery Center is a pioneer Phoenix treatment center for alcohol and drug addiction. We offer the most effective treatment for patients with a dual diagnosis. At the same time, we provide specialized treatment programs for men, women, and the elderly.

Building a new social life after rehab

Establishing a routine and getting back to everyday life after rehab treatment can be intimidating and challenging. You may also face a certain level of boredom and loneliness in the initial few days after rehab. Fortunately, there are several sober activities to keep you entertained and relaxed. Some of the ways to build a new social life include:

  • Going to the movies
  • Involving in volunteer work
  • Participating in sports
  • Joining a gym or a yoga class
  • Signing up for dance lessons
  • Learning to play a new instrument, etc.

The next few weeks out of rehab is an exciting phase for you to explore all those sober activities that you could do. Especially now that you have all that extra money from not buying drugs or alcohol. At our phoenix treatment center, we help our recovering addicts build a healthy routine during treatment so that they can follow it even after rehab.

How can drugs affect athletes?

Athletes often use drugs to improve their performance during a game. Some athletes are often found abusing drugs like opioids, stimulants, and steroids to improve endurance and performance.

This is an illegal practice in most parts of the world, and the athletes could lose their career or the chance to compete for an indefinite period for involving in such malpractices. We provide a specialized addiction treatment program for athletes suffering from drug addiction. Timely addiction treatment and care can save athletes from risks like high blood pressure, irregular heart rate, stroke, and heart attack.

Continuing care to avoid relapse

Most rehab centers offer continuing care programs to help their recovering addicts maintain their sobriety after rehab treatment. More than half of recovering addicts give into relapse in the first six months after leaving a rehab facility.

At our treatment facility, we offer continuing support in the form of individual therapy, periodic check-ups, and support groups. These programs help our recovering addicts to stay focused on sobriety. We also advise our patients to call our therapists as and when they feel tempted to use drugs. This way, our therapists help our patients overcome a triggering situation and protect them from relapse.

What is TMS in addiction treatment?

TMS is a non-invasive approach used to treat depression. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is an outpatient, straightforward procedure. The doctor will place an electromagnet on your head and release small magnetic bursts to a specific part of your brain to manage your moods.

TMS is highly beneficial in patients that suffer from drug abuse due to depression or other mood-related disorders. Contact our Phoenix treatment center to know more about what insurances we accept. At Scottsdale Recovery Center, we focus on equipping each of our patients in treatment to effectively overcome triggers and stressful situations for long-lasting sobriety.

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