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Thousand Oaks Drug Rehab

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Thousand Oaks Drug Rehab

At Concise Recovery, we offer the best treatment for addiction and co-occurring mental health issues in a high-end facility. As the ideal Thousand Oaks drug rehab, we offer highly effective inpatient, outpatient, and partial hospitalization treatment programs.

Is my addiction bad enough?

It can be difficult to come to terms with the fact that you may have a drug addiction problem. However, if your use of drugs is causing negative effects in your life or the lives of people around you, it may be time to take things seriously. Once accepting the reality of your addiction, you’re already on your path to sobriety. Think of rehab treatment as an opportunity to attain improved wellness and bring your life on the right path. 

Most people do not consider rehab until they have hit rock bottom. The truth is that the earlier you seek help from a drug and alcohol rehab in Thousand Oaks, CA, the better are your chances at recovery. If you experience a lack of behavioral control, cravings, or withdrawal symptoms, you must join an addiction treatment center in Thousand Oaks, CA, as soon as possible to prevent fatal consequences.

How to treat and approach addiction?

We follow a holistic treatment approach to treating addiction, relying on therapies to address the body, mind, and spirit. At our facility, you will engage in nature immersion activities like trekking, hiking, physical exercise, etc., to help you achieve physical fitness and a stronger, calmer mind.

We also conduct yoga and mindful meditation sessions to help you attain mental peace, clarity, and emotional stability. Our counseling and psychotherapy sessions offer therapeutic benefits and address your spiritual needs long-term.

What makes us the #1 rehab for recovery and treatment in Thousand Oaks?

We are a top Thousand Oaks drug rehab with comfortable accommodations and world-class amenities. Here's what sets us apart from other nearby alcohol rehabs in Thousand Oaks, CA:

  • Trauma-focused rehab 

At our facility, we focus on identifying and addressing the cause(s) of addiction. Over 45% of individuals with an addiction condition also suffer from a co-occurring mental health issue. We strive to create a patient-oriented treatment plan to identify and address your trauma-related problems and prevent you from relapsing after treatment.

  • High success rate

Over 90% of our patients maintain sobriety for over a year after rehab treatment and lead a successful and gratifying life. Our treatment modules ensure comprehensive recovery from addiction and yields the best treatment outcomes.

  • Dedicated and accredited staff

We have a dedicated staff working relentlessly to help our patients embrace sobriety. All our clinical professionals hold the highest level of qualification in their respective fields and possess several years of experience in treating patients struggling with addiction.

Visit our website today or call 888-240-6846 for admissions-related inquiries and to verify insurance. Concise Recovery is a certified rehab facility with highly effective psychotherapies and detox programs. As the finest Thousand Oaks Drug Rehab, we follow a customized treatment approach to help patients achieve their recovery goals.   

Thousand Oaks Drug Rehab
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